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The journey to financial security doesn’t begin with a single step, but it begins by having the right map.

A simple design of financial freedom is not enough. It takes knowledge, application, and an understanding of the terrain ahead. No matter where you are on the road or how you got there, your financial future is up to you.

The question that remains is: Where is your road leading you?

The 47 Financial Fitness program is truly a uniquely designed program to help you solve the elusive mystery to acquiring, keeping and producing enough money to live the life of your choosing.

It is delivered in three easy to follow main categories:

The Financial Offensive

Making and keeping more money

The Financial Defense

Getting out and staying debt free

The Financial Playing Field

The rules of money
When you go through the program, you will see how It can lead you to a very unique position. A position very few around the world will ever know.

You will not only learn the principles to become financially fit yourself, but the power to positively impact the lives around you now.

You have the power to live your financial dreams. To get out of debt. To increase your income. To turn financial weaknesses into the next level financial literacy.

It’s time for financial peace.

It’s time for financial security.

It’s time to get financially fit.

It's time to take advantage of the tax breaks. 

Take the next step and sign up for the Wealth Building pool, now finally available as a live & interactive seminar!

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Meet our Wealth Building Host

Cheryl Swingle
"Cheryl is an accredited life & business coach, motivational speaker and founder/Chief Igniting Officer at Luminary4Life. She is also a licensed CPA and Life and Health & Accident Insurance agent. 
Her mission is to help you re-ignite the spark within your life and help you to live your best life. She has worked for many years helping people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. Recently she became a best selling international author with the book Lifeworks 2020.
As a member of the Global Strong management team she is leading the Wealth Building FREE seminars and teaching the Wealth Building course. She wants everyone to be able to experience financial freedom."
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