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My name is Tim Orbaker and I just wanted to shoot this quick video looking for some specific folks to do some work with me. Twenty-one years ago, I positioned myself with a company that was capitalizing on video phone technology, at the time nobody else had it and today everyone has it.

We had the technology on a cutting edge device that would double as your home phone. It had a little 4-inch screen on it no matter where those phones were in the world you could see the person on the other end of the line. We blew up a company over 500,000 representatives around the world that were using them and it really helped a lot of people make a lot of money by referring others. I took one young lady from zero to $20,000 thousand a month in 18 months. It was life changing to see that happen for me and for her. 

today I have been looking for another company for the last five years searching and researching companies that had a technology or service that I felt good about. I didn’t really want to sell CBD oil or lotions, potions. there are a lot of awesome companies out there, they just weren't for me. They have great products and awesome companies it just wasn’t what I was looking for until I found Savings Highway Global. Incredible company saving people money on bills they already pay: Your cell phone bill, homeowners insurance, internet access. Every bill that you have in your house 90 percent of them keeping the same carriers saving you money. I saved $1200 on my own car insurance. You can do that too!!

But I am specifically looking for folks who are interested and have a strong background in social media, internet marketing. Collaborating with you, we can make a lot more money working together than me buying your program. we can create a much larger residual stream of income working together if you can drive traffic, we have the right company you can start going to work with.

This company has been in business for 16 years and they are Completely reinventing themselves and exploding!! 

So just click on the link below. check out the 3-minute video below for you to just get an overview of the company. Leave your name and number and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours or contact me directly Thanks Tim Orbaker. 
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