Global Strong Monthly Challenge...

Don't  limit your Challenges....
Challenge Your limits!
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Wealth Building Challenge...

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Are You Ready to get a hold on your Finances?  Are you ready to take action? 

Enroll in our Financial Fitness 8-Week Course today! 

Cost $350 

GOAL = Plan. Do. Check. Adjust.

Say what you're doing.
Do what you're saying."
~~ Chris Richardson
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JUNE Challenges!!!

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Cryptocurrency Challenge

Got Cryptocurrency

Do you know about cryptocurrency?

Interested in learning more?

If so you are in the right place.
New Weekly Challenges starting with the basics.

Enjoy learning new things, you are in the right place.

Want to have fun while you learn?  Join us on Wednesday Nights for Trivia!
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Membership Drive
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Global Strong is Ready to Grow!  Are you Ready to Join us?

Help us Grow and Reap the Rewards!!!

For every person you invite who joins an Advisory Round Table & stays over 30 days - you will receive $100 in August.

As an affiliate you will also receive a 10% monthly bonus each month they remain in the Advisory Round Table.

If they purchase any Global Strong products you would also receive 10% of that amount.

Are you a facilitator of a live book study, workshop, or Advisory Round Table?  If so you would also receive a portion of the cost of that product.

In a nutshell, growing Global Strong benefits you too.
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As Global Strong grows you receive rewards.

How you can help us grow...

Use your affiliate link to invite your friends.

Use the infographic in the Telegram Announce Channel

Look for some tips in your emails on things that you can say.

Want your personalized Global Strong QR code reach out to Pamela.

May Challenge - Health & Wellness 

For May our challenge was to set how many miles you were going to run or walk for the month.  Our Advisory Round Tables are competing against each other.  If you are not in an Advisory Round Table (ART) and want to participate, just reach out to Cheryl to let her know.  This Challenge ends on May 3st!
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