June 7th - 13th 

Global Strong Events!!!

How Clear is Your Business Vision?  Do you have a clear 30 second "elevator pitch"?  Does it get you results?  


10 am - Life App Accountability & Book Study - "The Magic of Thinking Big"  Chapters 2-3
2 pm -  Max Midday Mixer
2 pm - YouTube Live - Cheryl
6 pm Life East Coast Business Launch
8 pm - Life West Coast Business Launch


2 pm - YouTube Live - Angie
3 pm - Free Advisory Round Table
8 pm Life Super App Opportunity Call


11 am - Global Strong Leadership Academy (Life App)
12 pm - Reflections Wednesday YouTube Live - Judy 
1 pm - Crypto Club With Adam
2 pm - YouTube Live - Adam
8 pm - GS Trivia - Join us on Zoom and if you want to participate as well register! If you have played before we look forward to having you again. Limited seats available grab yours below!


2 pm - YouTube Live - Amanda
8 pm - Life Super App Opportunity Call
9 pm - Max Night Mixer 


12 pm - Tea With Sue (YouTube Live)
2 pm - YouTube Live - Pamela

Weekend Saturday

11 am - EDGE Call w/Orrin Woodward (Super App Leadership Call - This call is by invitation only. To qualify the first month you Must be on the Marketing System then to remain on the call moving forward you must be on Core 4. For More Information email support@globalstrong.io)
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12 pm Team One Purpose Call w/Rob Robinson (Open to all Life Super App Members who want to build)


Enjoy Your Weekend!!!

Other Events in June
"Disconnect to Reconnect Silent Retreat"
Saturday  26th or Sunday 27th
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