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Rascal Radio 

Listen daily, download and print the transcripts to refer back to. Answer 10 questions per podcast 

Financial Fitness

Learn the offence, defence and the playing field of finances.

Life Accelerator

Learn in 3 area's, 1. Financial Literacy 2. Leadership 3. Leverage. Take our E-course to help you take action

Launching Leadership Revolution 1 of 3 

Chapter 1 - Leadership Discussion
Chapter 2 - Foundational Qualities
Chapter 3 - The Cycle of Achievement
Chapter 4 - The Trilateral Leadership Ledger
Chapter 5 - The Five Levels of Influence
Chapter 6 - The First Level of Influence: Learning
Chapter 7 - The Second Level of Influence: Performing
Chapter 8 - The Third Level of Influence: Leading
Chapter 9 - The Fourth Level of Influence: Developing Leaders
Chapter 10 - The Fifth Level of Influence: Developing Leaders Who Develop Leaders