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3 Tools to Become Calm

A 5 module course filled with tools and strategies to help you reduce stress and become magnificently calm
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  • 5 Modules
When allowed to build up, dis-ease in the mind and body can turn into disease. When that happens, life becomes a struggle, not a joy.
In this five-module course, you will learn tools and strategies to reverse the negative impact of stress in your life. Using video, articles, journal lessons, and other resources, Sue guides you step-by-step to become magnificently calm.
Once you learn and practice them, these simple yet powerful tools will serve you forever!

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Sue Paulson

Sue Paulson is dedicated to inspiring others to discover and live their own magnificence. 
At the tender age of 28, Sue found her passion at the front of the room teaching personal growth. Opportunities followed as a corporate trainer and then as a university instructor. Each of those experiences provided her with more tools for center stage. 
As she grew both personally and professionally, her desire to help others also grew. Bridging the world between fear and love, Sue encourages those she touches to become their own best friends. Through her own adversity of a near death experience and two bouts of cancer, Sue brings light to the darkness surrounding us and compels us to move toward a life of joy and ecstasy.
More than a remarkable voice of her generation, Sue delights her audiences with wisdom, compassion and a quirky wit. An award-winning author, she has written three books – the latest is her memoir, Magnificent Misery – From Adversity to Ecstasy. Her current manuscript – The Healing Call of Cancer is scheduled for release soon.
Sue is a delighted new grandmother of twin girls and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta.
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