Many people consider a business plan something that only large companies and corporations use.  However if you were to ask any successful coach of any sport, how they win so many games, they would respond that they have a unique plan for every single game they coach.

They would go on to tell you that for their team to have a fighting chance against any of their opponents, they need to prepare a specific game plan that is tailored to each of their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. 

As a solo/entrepreneur small business owner the 
same logic applies to your business. If you plan to have a company that thrives and can pull ahead of the competition, you need to prepare your business plan.

Even if you do not believe in competition you still need to consider that other businesses that offer the same products or services as your who are able to see gaps in your business and service will quickly learn how to fill those gaps and solve your customers’ problems better than you can.

There are many ways to create a business plan and it doesn't need to be complicated.  If you are interested in learning more join us on Tuesday's for the Free Community Advisory Round Table.
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