Advisory Round Table process

Process description

  • Every Advisory Round Table group will have a Global Strong certified facilitator and consist of a maximum of 10 people.

  • The facilitator will decide with the group how long the sessions will be (min 1 hour to a max of 2 hours) and also decide if you meet weekly or bi-weekly.

  • The facilitator will make the group inside of Global Strong and invite all the members in the group.

  • The Global Strong Advisory Round Table format is G-P-D-C-A (Goal, Plan, Do, Check, Adjust)

  • 1. Each person will state what their GOAL is when they are in the spotlight, with as much passion emotion as possible. Each person will need to be specific, measurable and crystal clear what the GOAL is.

  • 2. Each person will describe what their PLAN is to reach that GOAL.

  • 3. Each person will describe their DOING Actions that will cause them to move closer to their GOAL

  • 4. Each person will give a CHECK-in status on how they made out with the DOING actions from the previous week and state if they moved closer to their GOAL. What is your score card

  • 5. The Advisory Round Table group will then give suggestions if the person in the spotlight did not get closer to their GOAL or if the person is stuck and needs some help. The person in the spot light will not have any dialogue only takes notes unless someone needs some clarification

  • 6. Each person in the round table will check in with an accountability partner for the daily check-in for the one thing that they will complete for the day. This will be done from Monday to Friday and will be sent either by a email, text or a quick 5 minute phone call. 

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” — Tony Robbins


What our learners say

I love the Global Strong Advisory Round Table system because I am able to execute a step by step plan to see my long term goals come to fruition while meeting with my team who cheer me on and holds me accountable.
Amanda Johnson
I love Global Strong because of the people. They come with different educational and career backgrounds so when we have our weekly meetings, they are able to see my challenges through a different lens from mine. Their patience is highly appreciated and their contribution to my life has been immeasurable. I am so grateful that I found this community!
Prakash Kabe
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