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Our Vision: We provide solo/entrepreneurs with Advisory Round Tables to accelerate their individual business plans/goals.

Our Mission: Creating a small business rebellion for financial freedom ! 

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Learn The Playing Field
Understanding the Playing Field of Money is key to escaping the Financial Matrix.
Learn the Defense
Learn the Basics of Defense when it comes to your finances. 
Learn to Offense
Learn the Basics of Offense in order to begin your financial freedom!

With a caring community and the true power of advisory round tables, we invite you to step into a world of possibilities, experiential training and accountability where your voice is truly heard and enabled to make a stronger impact on the world around you, to help you reach the goals of your dreams

To become the best version of yourself.

This is NOT a typical program where you join and fall out eventually because nothing is going on that really connects with you, or just aimlessly feeds to you some endless content that you have no real use for and collects dust.
Vision: To provide solo/entrepreneurs Advisory Round Tables to accelerate their individual business plans/goals.          
Mission: Creating a small business rebellion for financial freedom  
Here, you Will Actually Meet People (Online) 
Who Share Your Interests,
Who Do The Same Things, 
Who Care About The Same Topics.
  • You will get exclusive conversations with active and motivated people who listen to you, give you valuable feedback and an ocean of ideas and possibilities that can help you immediately with whatever you are working with, in your personal life, your work life, your life mission, your goals of all sizes.

  • You will make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you.

  • You get to swap stories, experiences and ideas that can benefit everyone in your own trusting circle of true friends in the community.

  • You will get to feel enlightening inspiration, experience thought-provoking advisory round tables, and get expert perspective on what matters to you.

  • You will begin to realize those things you have always dreamt of, can now actually be achieved.

  • Simultaneously, you realize that your presence and feedback is also helping someone else in the community, and most likely in a more powerful way than you can possibly imagine, until you experience it yourself.

  • Everyone truly benefits.
We come together in an environment of trust and mutual respect, to share the strength of our combined minds, to turn thoughts into actions, and dreams into reality.
As a group, we are committed to setting and affirming goals, providing accountability and support, believing in each others’ personal power to make a positive difference in the world and live a bigger life.

If you love a community of like-minded, heart centered, high achievers that want to be held accountable for their desires and get honest support in taking the next important steps towards their next important goal, then you are in the right place. 

Here you will find a thriving community of real people who are passionate about using the harmonious power of an Advisory Round Table to help them get clear on their goals and take those necessary steps to reach them. We use a model that includes a process that will help you plan on how to achieve your goal, then help you create the doing action required.

You, along with your partners check in with each other on a weekly basis and then finally make any necessary adjustments until everyone of you reach your most important goal at each time.
This truly is the next level of personal development, where you get clear on the actual results you truly want, and then the power and support to successfully achieve those results.
These are the most exciting times ever in the history as we know it to be alive. Now is the best time ever for new opportunities, new connections and meeting fun & energizing people all around the world. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to finally break out of your cocoon and spread your wings, or just fill the void of always being alone in your thoughts, plans and adventurous endeavours, then use this opportunity to go after and complete your biggest and best goals ever.

You've just found your community.

It starts with you

Make this Your community.

Take your leadership skills to new heights, and truly spread your wings in a supportive and strengthening space of magical possibilities.

Let's make the impact the world is waiting for.

Below are some of the different options we offer. Choose the one that fits best for you at this time. We will see you on the inside, with open arms, ready to rock'n roll.

You can also join us now as a Charter Member.
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What our members say

I love the Global Strong Advisory Round Table system because I am able to execute a step by step plan to see my long term goals come to fruition while meeting with my team who cheer me on and holds me accountable.

— Amanda Johnson, Senior Care Giver
I love Global Strong because of the people. They come with different educational and career backgrounds so when we have our weekly meetings, they are able to see my challenges through a different lens from mine. Their patience is highly appreciated and their contribution to my life has been immeasurable. I am so grateful that I found this community!
— Prakash Kabe, Head of Strategy, Wirecutter
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